I Would Like to Live at a Farmer’s Market

I would like to spend my days separating the curly kale from the collard greens. I would like to help stack the Honeycrisp apples in their wooden crates. Need someone to refill the baskets with blueberries or trim the ends off of the peonies? I am your woman. If famer’s markets were open in the evenings, I would like to spend that time wandering from booth to booth chatting about the benefits of local honey. Sipping freshly brewed, small batch coffee under the stars, I would greet each customer with a smile and tell them that they must try the fresh biscuits in the far corner. Yes, if farmer’s markets had a residential area, I would unpack and settle into the buzz of freshness and general the feel-good vibes of local foodies. Why do I love it so much? I have narrowed it down to five reasons (there are about 100, but here is what I consider some of most significant):

Nutrient-packed produce

The longer it takes for food to travel to your plate, the more time between harvest and consumption, which means less fresh produce with fewer nutrients. Farmer’s markets sell fresh, local produce which means it traveled somewhat short distances and was just harvested. Since it hasn’t been hanging around on shelves waiting to be sold, it is packed with more nutrients and amazing fresh flavor.

Well hello, Deliciousness

Fresh food tastes better when eaten shortly after harvest. Period. There is nothing better than FARM TO FACE FRESH. Just try the blueberries at peak season.

Environmentally Friendly

Cutting down on the processing, packaging, and travel reduces the amount of fossil fuels burned. Bringing your own re-useable grocery totes makes your shopping even more earth friendly. Pass on the plastic bags they provide and bring your own.

Support Local Business

Shopping at farmer’s markets helps keep farmers in business and contributes to the local economy and community. The retailers are also more than happy to please their customers and spend time talking about their product. Just ask the famous “Mushroom Ladies” at the Baltimore City Farmer’s Market the best way to cook their oyster variety. You will feel like you have made a friend for life. It’s just a feel good purchase.

Cantaloupe Popsicle?

Don’t mind if I do Sometimes markets will sell all-natural body products, locally sourced chocolates, and artisanal popsicles. Look around, browse, wander, strike up a conversation, and enjoy each minute.

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