This is how bananas grow. I know, I didn’t believe it at first either. The flower part that you see hanging from the banana tree is actually called the inflorescence. It is usually cut off because it pulls so many nutrients from the bananas themselves. The bananas can’t grow as quickly or as well if the flower is getting all of the attention. Some people like to leave the inflorescence because it’s just so lovely, but their bananas are never as strong and delicious as ones that blossom on trees without the flower.

Banana tree pruning reminds me of every relationship I have ever experienced. The hardest lesson that I continue to learn: let go of what no longer serves you. Just because something is beautiful does not always mean it is worth holding on to. Case in point: my very first boyfriend from the beach, the one I believed I could not live without, the other one who married a girl from Illinois, the man who moved away. These were relationships that had stopped working. However beautiful each one had once been they had run their course. I wasn’t growing anymore. I needed the beautiful blossom that was our relationship to be removed (in some cases, obliterated with a machete), so that I myself could blossom. And I have. I have grown stronger as a result of letting go. I have become a gorgeous, ripe, totally imperfect … perfect banana.

So, learn to let go and you’ll grow stronger (and more delicious) for it.


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