FALL (in love with yourself) RESET

Hey There Gorgeous …

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself? For two weeks, we will talk serious self-care and clean eating. What is clean eating? It is filling your body with food that makes you feel YOUR BEST. These two weeks are about figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t. It is time to kick those toxic things to the curb … be it certain foods, beliefs, habits, you name it … it’s time for them to take a hike already.

I know that a girl has gotta have her best wellness tips within easy reach, so if you do decide to take this step in your health I will provide you with the following documents in a pdf format so that you can easily access them on all of your devices:

Grocery List – This is an extensive list of approved  foods that will help you grocery shop and prepare for the 2 weeks. I recommend printing a few copies and just ticking off foods that you enjoy. Wallah! Your grocery list is made for you each week.

AKA Sugar – A list of the MANY names for sugar. You should keep this list with you to help you identify sneaky sugar in your food. You want to avoid all of the names on this sheet, so READ THOSE LABELS.

Welcome + Getting Started – An overview of the program, what to expect, how to prepare, and an explanation of why we will be eliminating certain foods.

I Can Eat That? – This is a fun digital booklet of my favorite healthy recipes. Yes, it includes dessert.

Private Facebook Group – This is where I will post videos, more recipe ideas, nutritional info, and resources for you to explore on your own. Hopefully, you will also use this space to connect and chat with other members participating in the reset because they are awesome, like-minded women who are on the same journey.

Weekly Emails – These are just little love notes filled with motivation, an anecdote or two, and writing prompts to help you journal during the experience. No, you never have to share what you write, but I strongly encourage you to take the time to explore and process during this program.

So, about the WHY? Obviously, there’s no such thing as a perfect diet and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  We’re all unique badasses (it’s true) and have different individual needs for how much to eat, what to eat, when to eat, who to eat it with … Wait what? Well it’s true. Who you are sharing your meals with is pretty important, but more about that later ladies … So, all of that being said, if you have any digestive issues, joint pain, headaches, or serious sugar cravings, then this modified elimination diet is one approach that’s extremely useful for everyone.  It addresses a number of our individual needs by removing foods that tend to cause inflammation in the body, i.e.: gluten, eggs, dairy, sugar (not fruit), red meat, corn, processed foods, soy, and alcohol.

Let me know if you have any questions or want more info. I believe in you and would love to help you take this awesome step.

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