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When it comes to health coaching, I’m not into that finger-waving nonsense or food-shaming. You can think of me as your wellness-loving friend who is here to guide you through the sometimes overwhelming world of nutrition. I’ll help you avoid diet traps and answer all of your health-related q’s.

The Detox

October 15 – 24

The Mini Detox

October 15 – 19

What’s Included:

If you decide to take this awesome step in your health I will provide you with the following documents in a handy pdf format so that you can easily access them on all of your devices:

Private Facebook Group – Where you’ll find daily support, accountability and so much more. You can connect with other detoxers and I’ll check in every day with all of you.

Grocery List – An extensive list of clean, whole foods that will help you grocery shop and prep for The Detox.

Welcome Book – An overview of the program, what to expect, how to prepare and the reasoning behind eliminating certain foods. Plus, I’m throwing in some of my favorite self-care tips and wellness resources. You’ll also get a few of my favorite recipes and a Sugar Guide, a list of the MANY names for sugar.

The Cost:

The Detox: 10 days of detoxing. You’ll have 24/7 access to an awesome online group of fellow Detoxers and I’ll check in every day to support you. Buying the full 10 days in advance saves you $11 and gives you a full 30 days in the group.

The Mini Detox: This is just like The Detox, but it’s only 5 days instead of 10, which means fewer days to hang out in the group, watch my live videos and hang with other Detoxers. If you feel a little FOMO at the end of your program and decide that you want more time, then you can purchase 5 additional days for $50 using the “Gimme More” button.

Oh bummer. You missed this one. Don't worry! Catch us in January 2019!

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