Holiday Health Tip #1: Prep Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Holiday Health Tip #1: Prep Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

As you’re rushing around ticking off your holiday to-do list, always bring healthy provisions like a bottle of water and a quick snack. I’m not a huge proponent of constant snacking throughout the day, but it can be helpful to have a healthy alternative on those days when you’re spread a little thin. See, it’s easy to reach for the plate of holiday cookies, grab an uber sugary latte, or head to a nearby vending machine. I’ve even been known to pop a quarter in one of those candy machines in the mall during a long day of Christmas shopping. When I’m totally spent, sometimes those Mike and Ike’s look deliciously appealing and like just the jolt of sugar I need. Don’t judge me.

Life lesson: I learned the hard way (think sugar crashes and neon green gumminess stuck in my teeth) that it’s just as easy to throw a quarter in my purse as it is to toss in one of my favorite snack bars.

I’ll fall face-first into the plate of cookies or a creamy unicorn latte or cake icing or stale Mike and Ike’s every time – Every. Time. – if I don’t prepare for the hunger pains and energy slumps. Part of my quick rundown before heading out the door during holiday season is: “Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Shopping List? Check? Healthy save-me-from-squatting-in-front-of-the-giant-candy-machine snacks? Check and check.”

So, in the words of my high school counselor, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Ugh, cringe.

But. That damn Mrs. Mikula had a point, didn’t she?

Pick which snacks you like (because you aren’t going to reach for them if you think they taste like cardboard and sadness), toss them in your bag, and go crush that packed social calendar. Also, indulge when you want. I mean, it is the season of yummy food and boozy parties. Just make sure that you’re making the choice to treat yourself and not giving into all the temptations because you weren’t well equipped. 

Below are my go-to snacks that are both absolutely delicious and minimally processed. (ps: I am in no way sponsored to say any of this – that would be really cool – I’m just a huge fan) 

I’m such a huge fan of these super clean, protein-packed bars. Blueberry and Peanut Butter are my favorites.
These bars are super clean and they actually taste good. They also make minis, which are ideal for tossing in your purse and sharing with friends who can relate to your hangriness.
These bars are really clean and so tasty I often eat half of one as dessert. They are high in fat, so I usually cut mine in half and pair with a green apple or greek yogurt.
Instead of opting for a some super latte with 15 pumps of sugar, I order hot water  and mix my own adaptogenic goodness. I get all of the buzz and none of the crash. Use code lexiweber and receive 10% off your order.
These collagen sticks are one of the cleanest sources of proteins I use, plus they’re awesome for hair, nails, and skin. They don’t have any flavor and dissolve pretty instantly into both hot and cold beverages for extra fuel.

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